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Inside of Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery, Stone Ladies of Savannah


Shawn R.

August 18th 2020

You can park inside or outside the cemetery with plenty of parking. We parked on the outside near the historical building and restroom. We figured that the building could act as a location point for the car. Parking your car on the inside and straying too far from it could leave you lost. Bonaventure Cemetery is open from 8 am until 5 pm and free for the public. They do free guided tours on certain Sundays and Saturday of the month. I would highly recommend taking the free tour so you don't miss out on anything important.

We visited Bonaventure on a Tuesday Afternoon in the middle of January. It was not crowded, only a few small groups touring the cemetery. Everyone was respectful, keeping their conversations to a whisper. One Hundred acres of tombstones, live-oak, and Spanish moss waited for us to explore. (About 1hr) We took the center path heading toward Wilmington River. My eyes were more drawn toward the lady statues with the Long Moss backgrounds along the way. Not sure if we caught all the “must-see” of the cemetery (where taking a tour would help out) but I think we saw most of them. The most popular landmark, Gracie statue is guarded behind a fence located near the river bank. Most people say the Bonaventure is the most beautiful cemetery. I can side on that favor; I would want this as my final resting place. The only other place that could rival it in beauty in Savannah would be the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It’s hard to pick between the two. A trip to Savannah for 1st timers would not be complete without stopping at Bonaventure Cemetery during the stay.

Side note: I heard that Shannon Scott tour of Bonaventure is an awesome tour. I'll leave a link here if interested in tour info.

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The Good

  • Some of the headstone are sight to see, beautiful work

  • The walk was very peaceful and the trees added to the atmosphere

  • No cost to visit

  • One of the most beautiful cemeteries in United States

The Bad

  • Parking could be an issue on a crowded day

  • Mosquitos on a muggy summer day

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