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Who Am I?

My name is Shawn; I was born in western Pennsylvania, where I spent most of my early years living.  I only traveled a few times out of state as a child, but I always had an interest in exploring.  After high school, I moved down to Myrtle Beach, where I still live to this day.  Work-wise, I spent over 20 years in the nightclub business as a bartender, barback, and manager.  I consider myself to have more qualities of an introvert than an extrovert person and will see signs of that in my travel blog. 


I live with one rule in life, “Treat people the way you would want to be treated,” which simply for me means to have respect for everyone.  I’m a minimalist where experiences carry more value than excess material things in life.

What Do I Enjoy?
1. Donuts
2. Pancakes & Waffles
3. Bacon
1. Amusement Parks
2. Museums
3. Outdoors
4. Important Architecture
Place to Stay:
1. Good Value with Perks
2. Unique/Themed Hotels
3. Soft Beds
4. Free Parking
1. Pizza
2. Burger
3. BBQ
4. Casual
5. Desserts of Any Kind
Over 21 Fun:
1. Breweries
2. Wineries
3. Good Cocktails
4. Barcades
5. Themed Bars
Where Will I Go?

My gameplan is to start locally in South Carolina and expand out from there.  I would rely on the google maps I created over the years to maximize the odds of seeing the best each state has to offer. This will not be one trip but many over several years. 

When Will I Travel?

That would be a great question that is totally up to COVID-19, whenever the worst is over is the answer.  I originally had set to start in early Spring to travel, after restructuring my life to meet my travel needs. Once in the clear, I will begin to take a trip once a month for a few days, and maybe if things go my way over time I will be able to stay on the road longer.

How Will I Blog This?

During these monthly road trips, I will stop at several spots and gather as much information as possible to help write a creative travel blog.  Once I get my feet wet, I should have a couple of blog posts a week.  The best non-selfie pictures from trips will get uploaded to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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