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Signage of Bad Daddy Burger Charlotte North Carolina

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, No Bacon Shortage Here


Shawn R.

August 18th, 2020

"Grandfathered In" Before New Review Format

A little bit of a delay on the review, we visited Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar back in early August. The first food stop on the Charlotte road trip was not up to our standards and Carowinds, our main goal was closed. I made the failed assumption that Carowinds would still be open during the weekdays in early August. I needed to find a great place to make up for my prior mistakes during this particular road trip. After reading some reviews and our love for good burgers we settled on Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. I had 2 strikes against me during this trip, this burger bar may keep me from striking out.

The customer service was outstanding from start to end. Our server, Ashley (maybe misspelled) was on her “A” game. She was very knowledgeable about the menu and offered up her personal favorites. The conversation didn’t seem fake and she was very upbeat. She will go down as the best server to date that I have ever had in a casual dining atmosphere. The manager on duty didn’t charge us for our fried pickles starter because he thought the fried pickles were slow getting to the table (For us ~ no timing issue). The service alone will have us come back when we make a return trip to Charlotte.

Jerry and myself decided to get creative with our burgers from a wide variety of topping options. We highly recommend getting the Buttermilk Fried Bacon, it takes the burger to a whole new level of awesomeness. The fried egg starting to be a “must” for me when available. The busted yolk adding to the flavor of the burger. The bacon mayo was not a big impact so next time I’ll probable leave it off the burger. The cost of the burger was well justified and had no problem paying that price. I will never have an issue paying higher price for better quality burger over a $6 tasteless mess from a fast food place.

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The Good

  • Bacon, bacon, and more bacon

  • The customer service was "A" plus

  • Plenty of options for building a burger

  • The atmosphere was layback and casual

The Bad

  • Sadly, no room left in my stomach for the shakes. (Looked delicious)

  • The cost of Build a Burger could be high for some people

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