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The main alligator habitat at Alligator Adventures in North Myrtle Beach area

Gators and Wine, An Unusual Pairing


Shawn R

September 18th 2019

The most important take away from this read if you are over 21 make sure to visit Duplin Winery after Alligator Adventure. Also, the admission cost of Alligator Adventure might not be family-friendly with so many other possible options in the Myrtle Beach area at a lower price.

I lived in Myrtle Beach for about twenty years now and have done only a few tourist attractions during that time. I figure now is the time to catch up with local attractions around town. So up first on the Myrtle Beach bucket list is Alligator Adventure located near Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. I went on a Monday afternoon in the middle of September. I’m saying this because I have a good feeling that some people will have a different experience based on the time of year. For example, summertime would be overcrowded with people or in the winter; the alligator would be less active in their daily routines. The average cost for an adult was around $30, which I thought was on the high side, but since I was flying solo, it did not bother me as much. However, if you were a family of four, I could see it being an issue to spend over $100 for an attraction that could experience in about 45 minutes.

Alligator Adventure does have a lot of different types of alligators and crocodiles throughout the compound. As you enter, you are welcome by the main pool that has an island in the middle, which was home to a bunch of alligators. The entrance area packs a nice punch of excitement of what is to come throughout the complex. The sad part was that most of the gators were lying around in the sun getting their tan on. Not much action to witness here, but I imagine that during feeding time that is a sight to behold. Utan, the largest crocodile on exhibit in the United States (18ft), was a little bit of disappointment too, he was sleeping in the corner of his cage. The three things I did enjoy was the albino alligator, Bob, and the serpentarium. My favorite was the albino alligator, why you may ask because it was the only animal in the place that was not sleeping. I felt a little bad for Bob, an American Alligator born without a tail which gives an illusion of a big butt. The serpentarium was impressive, a very nice selection of snakes to view with most of them belonging in the badass category. The rest of the animals on exhibit seem to be just filler to me like the hyenas, frogs, and ostriches. I was able to walk through the whole complex in about 40 minutes and exit out the side entrance leading to Duplin Winery.

I have heard of Duplin Winery before visiting, I knew them for being the oldest and largest winery in the South. They set up shop in North Myrtle Beach back in 2015, the location does not make the wine but does offer deluxe wine tastings. I notice at least three different areas where the tastings take place. I chose not to take part in the tasting because I drove solo; I did not want to drive impaired. I did purchase a few bottles for home, blackberry wine and a sparkling raspberry wine which both of them were very good. Duplin Winery also has live music on the patio where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a very relaxing vibe.

In the end, would I revisit Alligator Adventure? Probably not, I think I saw everything they have to offer besides the live shows which would not be enough to pull me in again. Duplin Winery is a different story, next time I would like to visit with some friends and chill on the patio with few glasses of wine and people watch.

Bottom of the Muck


The Good

  • Come to see alligators, will not be disappointed

  • Small Crowd Size - Early Morning in September

  • Albino Alligator - Center of attention

  • Serpentarium - Nice collection of snakes

The Bad

  • Pricing on high side, expensive for a family

  • Animals across the board seem very lazy and inactive

  • Utan, their 18ft crocodile was not in view and hiding

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