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COVID-19 Advice: If you do plan on traveling, please be smart and responsible for yourself and others.  Practice social distancing and wear a mask when deemed necessary.  Be respectful of other's well being and stay safe.

Charleston, WV

Updated: August 12th, 2020

Below is a list of the best places I would visit on a trip to this location. My picks fit my personality and interest. Everyone has a different interest, so you may not like everything I listed, which is fine.  If you like a place, I recommend saving it to Google Maps for a future trip down the road. I made sure to include the address or GPS to make it easier to find.  You can find out more about me in the "About Me" section to see if we share common interests.

​In the info below, the yellow cost number is just an estimated amount at the time I checked their website, over time the amount could change.  With the cost of a hotel room, I'm pricing a queen bed for two people for a night on the weekend and the amount shown is before taxes.  These figures are just a rough estimate on what places could cost, so if incorrect I apologize.


- Tudor's Biscuit World

217 Lee St W, Charleston, WV 25301

- First Watch

164 Summers St, Charleston, WV 25301




- West Virginia State Museum

1900 Kanawha Blvd E #435, Charleston, WV 25305

- West Virginia Capitol Building

38.33635, -81.61215

- Kanawha State Forest Trails

38.27433, -81.65796

Mountain Biking

- J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works

4797 Midland Dr, Charleston, WV 25306

- Spring Hill Cemetery

1555 Farnsworth Dr, Charleston, WV 25301





- Pies & Pints

222 Capitol St, Charleston, WV 25301

- Dem 2 Brothers & A Grill

423 Virginia St W, Charleston, WV 25302

- Gonzoburger

207 W Washington St, Charleston, WV 25302

- Lola's Pizza

1038 Bridge Rd, Charleston, WV 25314

- Rock City Cake Company

205 Capitol St, Charleston, WV 25301



Places to Stay




21 and Up Fun

- Black Sheep

702 Quarrier St, Charleston, WV 25301



Out of Bounds

- Hillbilly Hot Dogs

6951 Ohio River Rd, Lesage, WV 25537

47.2 miles from Charleston, WV

 Again these are my picks that fit my personality and interest. If you feel that I left one-off that may interest me or other people, message me on Facebook about the location.  I value a person's opinion and never just discard the information.  Always looking forward to learning about new places to add to my Google Map. ~ Shawn

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