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Mount Mitchell, Marker for Highest Point in North Carolina

Mount Mitchell, Gets No Higher East of the Mississippi


Shawn R.

August 18th, 2018

We decided to take a trip up to Mount Mitchell while we were in the Asheville area. It was a nice drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a good hour drive up to Blue Ridge Parkway (only about 35 miles but all the curves in the road slowed progress) to reach the bottom of Mount Mitchell. Make sure your gas tank is full because we didn’t see one gas station the whole way there.

Once you turn off of Blue Ridge Parkway you will have to take another road pretty much all the way to the top of Mount Mitchell. They also have a nice restaurant looking over the mountain about halfway up. After reaching the top there is a parking lot looking down on the road we traveled upon and all across the mountain range. As we stepped out of the car I noticed instantly that we were going to have a bug problem so bring plenty of bug spray. There were flies everywhere. Update: The bug problem seems to be an issue in August, our last visit in April (2016) was very enjoyable and the weather was very cool. I recommend going in April rather than August due to weather conditions.

There is a short trail, but very steep, that takes you to the tip-top of Mount Mitchell. They have benches every 20 feet or so to stop and take a rest. When you get to the top you will notice a stone structure that is the grave of the man who discovered Mount Mitchell. Walking past the gravesite is a bridge leading up to a platform area which is the highest point east of the Mississippi. This is the best view from the top of the mountain.

We had a good trip up there. I think the drive up to Mount Mitchell down the Blue Ridge Parkway was more enjoyable to me. Do I recommend traveling to Mount Mitchell? Yes, because who wouldn’t want to stand on the highest point east of the Mississippi!

Scroll Down for Pros and Cons of Mount Mitchell


The Good

  • The Drive, View from Blue Ridge Parkway Amazing

  • Free

  • Great Way to Get a Workout

  • View from Top of the Mountain

The Bad

  • Lack of Gas Stations on Blue Ridge Parkway, Be Prepare

  • The Bugs are Ruthless, Bring the Spray

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